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Explore the possibilities of bringing your designs to life.


Have you ever wanted a piece of jewelry but couldn't find the right piece? Do you have heirlooms that you treasure that just aren't your style?

Custom made jewelry may be the right choice for you!

Joey offers a premier service of designing and creating the timeless pieces made just for you. Each piece of jewelry is unique and meaningful to the person that it is created for.



Joey will discuss with you what ideas you have for your custom piece. Together, you will design the piece of jewelry that is perfect for you.



Joey will sketch your idea for you to see and then make a 3-D rendering for you to view and proof. You will be able to make any changes you would like.



Receive and treasure your newly designed custome piece of jewelry with assurance that it has been created to wear and last a lifetime.


After the design is approved, it will be milled into a wax mold using state of the art equipment so that you can see a 3-D model of your design.


Melted gold will be poured into the shape of your milled wax. You can use gold that you provide or that we provide for this process.


Your custom jewelry will be polished to give it that perfect shine.

  • What designs are available?
    If you can imagine it, Joey can probably create it. Through his 15+ years of making and repairing jewelry, Joey has a refined eye for design. He will be able to talk you through your selection and creation of the jewelry that you will treaure.
  • Can I use heirloom gold and gemstones?
    One of the most special parts of creating custom jewelry is using heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations. You will look at and admire the same precious metal and gemstones of your ancestors. The connection you will have is priceless!
  • How much does it cost to design a custom piece of jewlery?
    Because the overall process is lengthy and the design process is time intensive, there is a $50 non-refundable down payment due when Joey begins to draw up your ideas. This will be applied to the overall cost of the custom piece being created. CAD Drawing - $150 (non-refundable) Milling, Casting & Polishing - $200 Setting Stones - $15/per stone and up (depends on size and cut of gem) Gold/Silver - Market Price
  • What should I bring to my consultation?
    You should bring anything that will help articulate and facilitate the idea that you would like to convey to Joey. If you are planning to use heirloom jewelry in your design, please bring it to your consultation. If you have pictures of rings that you like and want to incorporate different designs that you have found, bring those images. If you want to build up or match an existing piece of jewelry, bring that piece with you.
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