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Joey's love for the jewelry industry first began with his jewelry apprenticeship in the Fall of 2001. After branching out into every facet of jewelry design and sales, Joey developed a passion that would lead to the opening of his own business, Joey The Jeweler.

Having gained a reputation as one of the most trusted jewelers in the area, Joey does a large amount of work with jewelry stores in the United States by using his skills to make every piece look its best.

When it comes to custom jewelry creation and repairs, Joey utilizes some of the best equipment in the industry. Using the best CAD software, Joey is capable of designing almost any piece of custom jewelry imaginable. He uses a state of the art laser welder which creates a strong weld that won't break at the seam that makes for effective ring repair and the rebuilding of prongs/settings.

Joey can change nearly every size of watch battery, replace/repair bands, is a licensed Seiko dealer and has a large collection of watches to choose from. He can also order new bands for watches upon request.

Whatever the jewelry project, Joey is the one who can design, build, repair or order. Contact him today to learn more about how Joey can best serve you!

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